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Model No. Lock Size
Armature Plate Size
Holding Force Dual Voltage Power / Current Available Options Approvals
S0 182x41x21mm 130x32x21mm 150KG
DC 12V
DC 24V



S01 Single 250x42x26mm 200x55x15mm 280KG

Dry Contact

S02 Single 266x73x40mm 200x76x15mm 550KG
S03 Single 285x74x40mm 196x61x16mm 850KG
S01 Double 500x42x26mm 200x55x15mm 280KG x2
S02 Double 532x73x40mm 200x76x15mm 550KG x2
S01 Trim 1007x46x25mm 185x38x12.5mm 280KG
S02 Trim 1007x68x46mm 200x76x15mm 550KG
S01GL Weather-resistant 203x44x40mm 158x40x12mm 280KG

S02GL Weather-resistant

220x63.5x41mm 185x61x16mm 550KG

S01T Sliding / Mortise

228x38x27mm 185x38x12.5mm 280KG
S01TS Shear 270x35x30mm 245x35x30mm 550KG


Mounting Brackets and Extension Hardware

(To match bracket, specify lock model when ordering)

Glass Door Mount/ U Bracket

Suitable for frameless glass door, with a glass thickness of 9-12mm

Adjustable L Plate

L/Z Set (a + b + c)

This accessory is designed for the assembly of the electro-magnets over the door, on the jamb and not on the header. There are three anodized aluminum parts: an `L` to fasten the electro-magnet, and the two parts of an adjustable `Z`, which receives the strike plate.

Slim extension

L-plate extension

Vital Features of SPRINT Holdfast Electro-Magnetic Locks

Holding force: Up to 850kg effectively stops intruders and thieves from either side of the doors, but releases instantly (On-The-Door-Test).

Easy installation: Versatile adjustable mounting for new or existing installations and two extra long hardened cap screws for reinforced metal frames supplied at no extra charge. All other screws are made of stainless steel.

Magnetic Bond Sensor: Indicates that proper bond exists between the magnet and the armature and that the door is locked. This can be monitored remotely to provide assurance that the opening is secure. There is an LED for visual assurance.

Low energy consumption: Ensures long life, lower wiring costs and lower cost of operation.

Dual voltage: Input may be 12 or 24 volt DC. (AC input possible through a rectifier). Both voltages have the same holding force without temperature rise. Eliminates high inventory levels and reduces ordering errors.

No residual magnetism:

Silent operation: No annoying noise such as humming or buzzing is present.

Appearance: Case is anodized aluminum. Plated and painted finishes are available upon request. Magnetic faces are electroplated to preserve appearance and resist rusting.

Self aligning: Armature plate (door portion) accommodates all arcs of door swing. Requires no adjustment or maintenance after initial installation, includes rubber silencer.

Consistent Mounting Bracket Style: Means every model in the SPRINT family mounts the same way, even with top jamb (inswing) applications, ensuring quicker, more reliable installations, less installation problems, and greater end-user satisfaction.

Armature nut: Hardened steel sex nut (plated) for drill resistance use.

Time delay: Field adjustable for delayed relocking from 0-90 seconds.

Monitoring: Relay dry contact with LED.

Extreme high traffic: Excellent for very busy doors due to lack of “Wear-Out” moving parts.

Door gap: Maximum 3mm

Protection: Large electrical surges are prevented from destroying other electrical devices by factory installed surge suppressor (MOV) which also prevents lightning from destroying lock. SPDT factory installed relay isolates product from damage caused by interconnected devices.

Shipping protection: All products are shipped in a heavy duty carton to ensure final delivery quality.


SPRINT Holdfast™ generation of electromagnetic locks with common features, appearance and circuit boards for easy selling, installation and maintenance. The Holdfast™ line has been simply designed; if you know one magnet in the family, you know them all. So, for high security, narrowline, or traffic control applications throughout your facility, SPRINT Holdfast™ is the positive force with universal appeal.

Product specifications and design are subject to continual improvement and may be upgraded without notice.


SPRINT provides security solutions for the toughest systems applications, with the industry’s most complete selection of electro-magnetic locks. Each series provides 12/24V field selectability, a full array of electronic modular options and a 5 year warranty. Specify SPRINT Holdfast™ for your access systems.

Life Safe: Incorporates no latches or pin-like mechanisms ensuring instant release and conforming to building code standards.

Fail Safe: Models are tested for electrical overload, over-heating, electrocution, insulation and burglary resistance according to #8J80 UL 1034, criteria (BP 5922).

Fire Safe: Unlocks instantly when electricity is discontinued by switches, fire panel deactivation, or power failure.

When designing access systems SPRINT Holdfast™ offers perfect security against unauthorized entry. Perfect safety for evacuation. No moving parts for our magnetic locks. Nothing to jam or require adjustment. You will see the models with 850kg holding force on perimeter doors and compact 280 kg models on lower security interior doors. Built with anodized aluminum, with magnetic faces electroplated to preserve appearance.

Why is SPRINT Holdfast™ preferred by both installers and end-users? It’s covered under two US patents and three separate UL categories. From performance, to options, to delivery, to technical support, it stands alone.

SPRINT. Originally America’s largest OEM supplier of magnetic locks.

SPRINT. Now going it alone. With Holdfast™.

SPRINT Holdfast™ magnetic locks are made in, and/or have components from, the following countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, China

PDF Documentation:


S01 Single-S01 Double Specification
S02-S02 Double Specification
S01GL Specification
S02GL Specification
Shear Lock Specification
Sliding Specification

Installation Guide
S01GL - S02GL Installation
MagLock Pull Door Installation
MagLock Push Door Installation
Shear Lock Installation
Sliding Lock Installation










S01 Double
S02 Double
S03 Double
S01GL Waterproof
S02GL Waterproof
S01TS Shear
S01T Sliding / Mortise





















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