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Access Control Keypad Model SI-ACK basic

Size: 117L x 117D x 21W (mm)
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Current Draw: <30mA
Capacity of Recording: 250 Codes or 1 common code
Operation Mode: Digital code operation
Weight: 0.17kg


Access Control Keypad Model SI-ACK stainless
Size: 117L x 40D x 74W (mm)
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Current Draw: 15-100mA
Relay Output: Max Current 3A, NO & NC Contact without Power
Operation Mode: A. Single user Mode: 1 common code
                         B. Multi-user mode: 250 code
Weight: 0.145kg
Access Control Keypad Model SI-ACK/Rfid
Size: 120L x 27D x 76W (mm)
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Input Current: Static state current 400mA
Max current 130mA
Open Mode: A.4 Digits code (500 groups)
                  B.4 Digits code ┬▒card
                  C.4 Digits code+4 digits code
                  D. Card + card
Weight: 0.5kg
Access Control KeypadModel SI-ACK waterproof

Size: 86L x 86WD x 20D (mm)
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Current Draw: <0.1A
Capacity of Recording: 2000 ID cards
Card Reading Distance: 5-15cm
Open Mode: A. Card
                  B. Code
                  C. Card or Code
                  D. Card + Code
Weight: 0.5kg

PDF Documentation:

Model SI-ACK basic
Model SI-ACK stainless
Model SI-ACK/Rfid

Model SI-ACK waterproof

Product specifications and design are subject to continual improvement and may be upgraded without notice.

SI-ACK basic
SI-ACK stainless
SI-ACK waterproof




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