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Electric Fence System


AFSCO is the security fencing brand of American Security Fence Systems Inc., one of the largest and oldest electrified fencing specialists in North America.

SPRINT INDUSTRIAL is now the global distributor outside North America for AFSCO electrified security fencing.

System Features

AFSCO provides a high voltage pulse with every single line to defend unauthorized access. The LED light indicates the system status of armed, disarmed, tampered, short circuit and when the fence is being cut. High / Low voltage can easily be switched remotely with the keypad. 

Any intruders who come into contact with the AFSCO system are repelled by a SHORT, SHARP, REGULATED, SAFE but PAINFUL electric shock experience. Any attempts to cut, load, short-circuit or tamper with the system will immediately activate an alarm.

The AFSCO Electric Fence is to Defend... Deter... Deny... Detect......any attempts to gain unauthorized access.

* 5-joule maximum output energy
* Up to 10,000 volts output
* Easy to read LED display
* Easy to install tensioners and strain posts
* Powers up to 5km of multi-wire fencing using RS485
* Water proof casing for indoor and outdoor installation
* 12V deep cycle rechargeable battery (battery not included)
* Lightning protection
* One year warranty

Technical Specification

* high voltage : 5000-10000V ˜15W
* low voltage : 700-1000V ˜3W
* pulsed output : 1-second intervals
* duration surpassing : 300mA ‹ 1.5ms
* pulse duration : ≤0.1s
* peak current : ≤10A
* max. flux : ≤2.5mc
* max energy of pulse : ≤5J

Step 1

It helps to plan your fence layout in advance. Using pencil and a sheet of graph paper, sketch out the area you wish to enclose, noting distances. Then draw in the approximate locations of buildings that will be adjacent to or enclosed by the fence. Also include in your plan:

* Tree, shrubs or other obstacles
* Low spots
* Entrance/exit points (e.g., corners and gateways)
* Location of fence energizer and electrical source (if applicable)
* Cross fences within the protected area (temporary or permanent)
Typical site fencing plan


Step 2

When your plan is complete, sends it to us for a quote and an itemized equipment list.

PDF Documentation:


Click here for AFSCO Electric Fence catalog

AFSCO Electric Fence Frequently Asked Questions


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