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Swinging Door Dropbolts, Sliding Door Dropbolts, and Glass Door Dropbolts

Standard voltage: 12V DC 0.9amp. Reverse polarity protection, 1.5 amp. Over-current protection.
Solenoid: Continuous duty
Current: Start 1A, standby 0.3A
Automatic deadbolt: Standard on all models
Auto relock timer: Adjustable (from 0 to 5 seconds)
Fail safe: Locked when energized (power to lock, fail unlocked)
Bolt: 15.5mm dia. Stainless steel 16mm throw
Cutout: Size 200mmL x 34mmW X 42mmD (a 43mm Back-Set minimum must be present)
Cover plate: Size 220mmL x 42mmW x 0.8mmD
Face plate: Size 210mmL x 34mmW x 3mmD
Strike: Size 90mmL x 24mmW x 27mmD
Weight: 0.9kgs
Switch data:

SL……SPDT 1.0amp. 30V AC/DC

SD……SPDT 0.5amp. 30V AC/DC

Ordering information

Bolt (SLD) or (SLD-Ball): with lock timer and door sensor to indicate locking function and door status.

Surface MountBracket/ U Bracket

Vital Features of SPRINT Holdfast™ Electronic Deadbolt

Versatile: SPRINT Holdfast™ bolts are suitable for hinged or sliding doors, wooden, metal, framed or frameless glass doors. They provide an efficient, secure deadbolt for all door functions without the need and expense of ancillary door hardware.

Holding Force: Up to 2000kg effectively stops intruders and thieves from either side the door, but releases instantly (On-The-Door-Test).

Easy installation: Slim 34mm wide mounting face plate for new or existing installations and two extra long hardened cap screws for reinforced metal frames supplied at no extra charge.

Low energy consumption: 300 milliamps of standby current ensures long life, lower wiring costs and lower cost of operation.

Dual voltage: input may be 12 or 24 volt DC. Both voltages have the same holding force without temperature rise. Eliminates high inventory levels and reduces ordering errors.

Fail safe: doors open automatically once power is cut.

Silent operation: No annoying noise such as humming or buzzing is present.

Appearance: Case is anodized aluminum. Plated and painted finishes are available upon request. All screws are stainless steel to preserve appearance and prevent rusting.

Connections: Simple, with 100% tamper protection once bolt is energized.

Time Delay: Field adjustable for delayed relocking through a regulated power supply.

Extreme high traffic: Under test the SPRINT Holdfast™ bolt has exceeded 500,000 cycles at 80 cycles per minute

Protection: Large electrical surges are prevented from destroying other electrical devices by factory installed surge suppressor (MOV) which also prevents lightning from destroying bolt. SPDT factory installed relay isolates product from damage caused by interconnected devices.

Shipping protection: All products are shipped in a heavy duty carton to ensure final delivery quality.

Quality: All bolts are either UL listed or are CE marked.

Helpful Installation Hints

  • Always ensure that debris resulting from installation does not enter the bolt mechanism.
  • To prevent fuse burn out, check the power supply BEFORE power is connected.
  • Each bolt is fully tested before packaging to ensure efficient operation.
  • The bolt must not be lubricated. Lubrication will void the warranty.

SPRINT Holdfast™ magnetic locks are made in, and/or have components from, the following countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, China

PDF Documentation:


Ballbolt Specification
Dropbolt Specification

Installation Guide
Dropbolt Installation
Ball Bolt













































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